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Tiger Woods’ six Saturday birdies moved him briefly into a tie for the lead on Saturday at the 147th Open Championship. But it was a closing par that wound up being the highlight of his round, and what kept him in contention at Carnoustie heading into Sunday.

After climbing to the top of the leader board less than an hour before, Woods was in serious danger of dropping at least two shots over his final three holes as his tee shot on No. 18 headed left toward the Barry Burn. A fortuitous bounce kept it in the high fescue and after Woods laid up with his second, he still faced a difficult up and down from about 80 yards. Then, he did this:


Source:  Golfdigest.com

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There are multiple fashions to put Dustin Johnson’s season into context. Despite playing in just 40 percent of the PGA Tour’s events this year, he leads the tour in earnings and top 10 finishes. In his last five starts, he’s beaten or tied 589 of the 592 other golfers in the field (shoutout to Jordan Spieth, Kelly Kraft and Brian Harman). At the Wells Fargo Championship, he made the weekend on the cut line…and almost won.

The latest evidence that Johnson is really, really good: The World No. 1 put his approach on Sawgrass’ 11th hole in the water on Friday morning, and still made birdie.

If that shot didn’t seal that sentiment, all you need to do is examine that indifferent march, reminiscent of one watching a movie already seen dozens of time before. Given the show Dustin has displayed in 2017, a disposition that should scare the hell out of his competitors.

Source: golfdigest.com

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